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Website copywriting and web copy


Writing content for a website is often quite different to writing marketing material in the traditional sense. In the first instance it is important for all to understand exactly what it is they are seeking from a website.


So what is good web copy?


Franchise Marketing Award FinalistGood web copy starts with a clear understanding of what you do and who the writing is designed to attract. It needs to be honest and clear and, most of all, it needs to be good enough to get results.


Good web copy will help to get your message across in a clear and compelling voice, will generate customer loyalty and, if it is a requirement, will drive new leads to your door, giving your business the clearest opportunity to convert these leads into business sales. Not all web content is written with a desire for sales as many sites are intended simply to be informative, but nevertheless the message still needs to be both honest and compelling.


What about web design?


So you may be starting from scratch and looking for a complete package. RHC Copywriting works with many website designers and graphic designers, and we can certainly help with either recommendations or by managing the entire project for you. However, too many clients start with design and give little thought to content.


A pretty site that generates little interest and is low in the search rankings?


Chances are the answer lies within the content – whether it is quality of content, keywords or search engine optimisation failures. We can help. RHC Copywriting is frequently asked to explore an existing site and to work with existing staff or digital agencies to convert the site into a lead generation site that attracts visitors and quickly climbs the rankings.


Having the most attractive site is valueless if nobody ever sees it.


Content is king. With the right content someone who has never heard of you should be able to find you and having found

you – should feel compelled to follow your call to action. This may be simply completing a contact form, telephoning your business or, in the case of an e-commerce site, buying your products or services online.


Good copy will focus on your message and, where required, will convert visitors into customers.


No hidden costs and a personal service throughout.


To learn how RHC Copywriting can help your business (without obligation) call 01284 717184 or send us a message via our contact form.