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Newsletters and news updates


Trying to “get around” to writing that promised newsletter or simply updating those news items on your website can be a thing of the past when you have got RHC Copywriting there to help you.


Many of us already understand the true marketing benefits of the production of regular newsletters. In today’s marketplace, many companies have turned to newsletters in order to market their products and services effectively, whilst helping existing customers remain loyal by feeling involved.


Newsletters can be an incredibly effective marketing tool and an excellent method of communicating with customers, but this is not something that you should simply pay lip-service to. Nothing is worse than visiting a site where the news pages are so out of date that they are covered in cobwebs or having a “quarterly” newsletter that comes out maybe once a year. Sometimes it has the opposite of the desired effect by making your customers feel that you are not interested in them.


Do newsletters still play a part now social media exist?


In spite of the ever-increasing popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the emailed newsletter remains one of the most effective ways of maintaining customer relationships.


So what are the main benefits of an effective newsletter?


  1. It’s a great way to communicate, to spread the message and make personal connections with your customers
  2. Retaining and building customer loyalty: newsletters help customers develop strong brand loyalties, especially if the newsletters are inclusive
  3. Establishing and building upon your brand recognition: use it to announce new products and to receive views
  4. Newsletters are a really cost-effective marketing method
  5. A website link with your newsletter increases traffic to your website
  6. As newsletters are frequently read by bloggers, they are an effective way of increasing your company market exposure


So how can RHC Copywriting help?


Simple. We can write them for you as a one-off or as a regular contract, as well as updating the news content of your existing website.


To learn how RHC Copywriting can help your business (without obligation) call 01284 717184 or contact us via our contact form.