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Letters and direct mail shots


If you wish to increase your response rates and stop your sales letters or direct mail shots going straight into the waste bin – then talk to RHC Copywriting. TODAY.


When written and targeted well, a sales letter still remains an excellent method of lead and sales generation. All the time we hear companies say that they think the days of direct mailing are over, and yet target mailings have increased by over 100% since 1990 and are responsible for over 26 billion pounds worth of sales per annum, just within the UK.


So why not just post the literature and save the money on the letter? An enclosed letter increases response rate by a factor of 10 and is still one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing sales.


Check out your current sales letter


  • Does it grab the audience with benefit-orientated headlines?
  • Does it really establish your credibility?
  • Does it get to the point of why you are sending a letter?
  • Does it show empathy with the reader?
  • Does it invite a response?
  • Does it really catch the eye?
  • Is it boring?


Not every letter is a sales letter


With many years of experience gained at Director level, our main copywriter is also experienced in producing business letters for dealing with most situations such as customer complaint replies, employment or HR letters, technical specification letters, contract confirmation, etc.


To learn how RHC Copywriting can help your business (without obligation) call 01284 717184 or send us a message via our contact form.